Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cougar Punching and the Wild

Human punches cougar, and wins

 A crazy true story & tips for wilderness expeditions

July 2015
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This article is merely here to comment on how awesome people can be, especially when facing the beasts that inhabit nature.  This little digression is brought to you by Shawn Hanson, the guy who punched a cougar in the face when it attacked his dog! 

There’s no other way to make that sound more awesome, so please follow the link provided to learn more about this exciting news story.
Cougar Puncher!

The incident took place on Vancouver Island while, during a fishing trip, a cougar attacked Shawn’s faithful daschund (Bailey).  Giving chase, Shawn caught up with the wild beast and gave it a what for, then grabbed his gun in an attempt to scare it off (which didn’t work) and then had to end the cougars life.

Yes, it is sad that the cougar didn’t get away, and in retrospect it’s possible that Shawn could have fended off the animal without blood-shed.  But damn, he’s still a bad ass in our books.  So let’s look past Shawn’s use of arms, and applaud his awesome feat!

This feature is a little on the short side.  We wanted to offer our readers a variety of stories of awesome animal attacks where people win, but truthfully most news stories were not that inspirational.  We did however find a post from the UK that has a bunch of pretty incredible stories of animal attacks. 

A sneak peak of some of the stories included in the Independent UK article:

-          people surviving elephant stampedes

-          people surviving shark attacks

-          people surviving lion attacks

-          people surviving hippogriff attacks

-          the last one was a joke

-          people surviving dolphin attacks

-          the last one was true

Have we interested you? Hopefully!  This was a fun article for us to put out, albeit not on the cutting edge of news, but Ron Burgandy would likely be proud. 

This brings up a few things the Buzz team would like to remind readers of if you plan on taking a stroll through the wilderness.  Remember, animals are lower than us, we are supreme! BUT you should always be cautious and aware of the creatures that inhabit the environment you are about to walk into.
  1.    Be loud.  A peaceful stroll through the woods is nice, but don’t forget to make some noise every now and then.  If you’re by yourself, bring a whistle or harmonica, and try not to use headphones.  Not only does this help let hunters know of your presence, but animals will be more likely to keep their distance too!
  2.   Learn the area.  Don’t walk into a known animal habitat without learning about it, that’s like wilderness trekking 101.  If a bear has been known to hibernate in the area, be on your guard.  Only you can stop yourself from walking into something’s home.
  3. Tell people you’re gone.  Tweet, snapchat, facebook post, telegram; do something.  If you’re not one to post all of your happenings for the world to see, at least let some people know you’re going for a walk. It’s possible they might wonder where you are in case you get lost or attacked by a ferocious wild beast.
  4.   Enjoy yourself.  Be cautious, but don’t fret or be scared if you do come across some wildlife.  Seeing animals in their natural environment is one of the greatest rushes we mere humans can experience.  Respect the beast and it will respect you.

Link as promised:

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